2 day tour – Chimpanzee and bird tours

This tour is suitable for nature lovers and birdwatchers who wish to experience the country’s rural life. It also offers the chance to spot the last remaining wildlife in the River Gambia National Park. The park, which is located on the north Bank of the country, consists of five beautiful forested islands. It can be reached from the Kautaur wharf.

During this tour, we will take a boat ride through the river and its estuaries to get a closer look at various animals such as the baboons, chimpanzees, and the red Colobus monkey. We’ll also visit Wassu Stone Circle and some of the country’s traditional villages.

Day 1.

Pick up from your Hotel, we’ll drive to Banjul to cross with the ferry to north, where we’ll spent the day travelling the northern bank route, these flat, semi arid savannah habitats are typical of the north of the Gambia River and ideal for specialities such as Northern Ant eater Chat, Singing Bush Lark, Savile and White Bellied Bustards, Chestnut Backed Sparrow Lark, Sudan Golden Sparrow, Swallow Tailed Kite and Chestnut Bellied Starling, we’ll stop at few watering holes and the fabulous Kaur Wetland where we hope to enjoy stunning views of the highly prized Egyptian Plover, flock of Collared Prantincole, Senegal Thick Knee, Quail Finch, Knob Billed Duck, and Sedge Warbler, if time permit we’ll also stop at Njau Waterhole and Panchang Swamps for Exclamatory Paradise Whydah, Bush Petronia, Red Throated Bee Eater, Cut Throat Finch, Black Crake, African Pygmy Goose and African Silver bill, we’ll continue our journey further east, at Wassu, we’ll have guided tour of ancient Stone Circles and Museum, before heading to the Kautaur Jetty to take a short boat ride to the islands of the River Gambia Natl Park, undoubtedly the highlights of the trips, we shall search for the Hippos, Chimpanzees, Baboons and other primates as well as birds such as African Fish Eagle, Marabou Stork, Palm nut Vulture and numerous other freshwater specialities. Overnight in Georgetown.


Day 2.

After breakfast, we’ll return to the coast travelling via the South bank road and several stops will be made on the way including Fula Bantang, here, we’ll visit the nesting colony of the Marabou Stork, We’ll also keep eye out for soaring raptors in this area and possibilities may include Beaudouin Snake Eagle, Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture, White Headed Vulture, Walberg’s Eagle, White Backed Vulture, Brown Snake Eagle and African Hawk Eagle. Jahally rice fields will be our next stop, these extensive rice fields with drainage ditches harbour a wealth of waterfowls and waders notably Ducks, Ibises Geese, Water rails, Herons, Egrets such as Goliath Heron and it’s best place in the country to see Winding Cisticola, finally we’ll explore Battering bush track in search of Bateleur Eagle, Grasshopper Buzzard, Striped Kingfisher, Yellow White Eye, African Golden Oriole, Long Crested Eagle, and if we are lucky perhaps Abyssinian Ground Hornbill. We’ll drive back to your coastal hotels, where our exciting tour concludes.