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"Outstanding experience"

February 2023. We booked five separate days with Mustapha and each of them turned into a magnificent trip. Always a quarter before the agreed time he was present at the meeting point and no hassle with the agreed prices. There wasn't a single minute of discomfort or whatsoever. On the contrary, he made us happy and we felt very comfortable with his companionship. His enormous knowledge and ability to spot birds was amazing. We will definitely book a second and longer holiday with Mustapha next year!
Monique and Walter, Haarlem, The Netherlands

"Excellent and reliable bird guide".

From 4 till 9 December 2022, we made a private birding trip for two persons in the Gambia with Mr Mustapha Kassama. We visited mostly areas more inland to see some specific target species like African Finfoot, Adamawa Turtle Dove, Black Crowned Crane, Martial Eagle, Egyptian Plover, African Pygmy Goose, Red-throated Bee-eater and many more. We were successful in seeing most of our target birds and even observed the elusive White Spotted Flufftail! Mustapha Kassama is an excellent bird guide. We could see that he has over 20 years of experience. He is also an excellent driver and he is very reliable, he was very good with the planning and very friendly and relaxed. In our opinion he belongs to the best bird guides we have worked with and we can highly recommend him as a birdwatching guide for The Gambia. We are looking forward to go birding with him again in Senegal in 2024!
Bake Kortleve, Amsterdam ,The Netherlands

 "Rich and rewarding birding experience in the Gambia"

We went birdwatching with Mr Mustapha Kassama for two half day trips close to the coast and one five days trip to the interior of the Gambia in November 2023. Mustapha has an extensive knowledge of birds and their habitats, and amazing spotting skills. Among numerous other bird species we had a chance to see Goliath Heron, Egyptian Plover, Bateleur, White Back Night Heron and Black Crown Cranes. Wherever possible, he was striving to find the desired bird species and was always making sure that everyone of us can see the bird observed. The organisation of the trip was very smooth with no hassle at all. If you are looking for a rich and rewarding birding experience in the Gambia, Mustapha is the person to choose.

Michael, Roman and Tomas, Prague, Czech Republic

"Three unforgettable days"

We went to Gambia in december 2023. Out of the eleven days we spent three days with Mustapha. What an happening this was. Mustapha is a very friendly and calm person. He talks clear and calm English and is always willing to talk about the surrounding and explain how things work in Gambia. Being on the road with him gave us everytime a very trusted feeling. He took us to some beautiful places like Marakissa, which is a stunning nature reserve, where you'll find a lot of birds  for spotting and photography. Going on the river with crocodiles by canoe was a bridge to far for us :-) The fish market at Tanji was also very spectacular. Seeing the boats arrive loaded with fish and unloaded by workers in the surf. Bijilo Monkey Park is as the name suggests with a lot of monkeys which you can feed and observe. We brought peanuts and they picked it up from your hand nice and easy whilst sitting on your lap, adorable!  The other day we went to Senegal to visit a safari park.  First we went through the park by 4x4 and spotted, among others, giraffes, antilopes, zebra's, monkeys, warthogs and even a rhino. We got so close to them that we could almost touch them. There was also the option to go into an enclosure and walk with lions. An experience we will never forget.
Thank you Mustapha for the incredible journeys.
We recommend you as the guide of choice for an unforgettable holiday in Gambia. 
Justin and Melissa, Voorhout, The Netherlands

"Excellent choice if you are looking for a top birding experience"

January 29 2024, we went with Mustapha Kassama on a one and a half day trip to killy Woods, pirang and farasuto forest. It was impressive to see how he was able to spot birds along the road whilst driving or how he instantly recognised birds just by hearing their song and after that, was able to spot them even they were well hidden between the branches. We saw a lot of birds and among our favourites were Violet and Guinea turaco, Namaqua dove, Bruce's green pigeon, African wood owl, Rufous crown roller, Sulphur breasted bush shrike, Singing cisticola, Pin tail whydah, Western blue Bill and we could go on and on!

On top of being a birding expert, he is an excellent driver, very friendly, easy going and reliable.

So what else to say: Mustapha is an excellent choice if you are looking for a top birding experience.

We definitely recommend him!

Katie De Meirsman and Maria, Belgium

 "Extremely experienced"

Mr Mustapha Kassama was our birdguide during our one week holiday in the Gambia in early February 2024. A gentle introduction to Kotu Creek and surrounding areas on the first day followed by four trips to different woodlands. He is extremely experienced and knows all the bird calls. He also has invaluable local knowledge so that we were treated to roosting owls and nightjar, both turacos and so on. He was always punctual, friendly and considerate.

Dick Temple from the U.K

 "The best birding guide I have ever met"

2 April 2024

My wife and I have just returned from a wonderful stay in The Gambia. A trip made even more fabulous thanks to Mustapha Kassama, the best birding guide I have ever met. His knowledge for birds and his vast experience ensured that we could maximise sighting and photographic opportunities. During every trip, we were made to feel safe and comfortable, thanks to his friendly nature and reassuring voice. I would recommend Mr Mustapha Kassama to anyone visiting The Gambia, whether it be for birding or any local sight seeing tours.

Thanks again Mustapha!

Tony and Lynne Wilson